Trench Digging

This Web Site is intended to be ‘under construction’ for the duration of the Great War Centenary, 2014 to 2018. Its core,uk replica watches extracts from the Stourbridge based replica watch County Express  and commentary on these, will be expanded to keep pace with the various centennial anniversaries. So, please visit us soon and often to view additional material.
Meanwhile, we are working from comprehensive indexes made over several years, of County Express Great War Material between 1914 and 1924; so we will always be pleased to hear from those who feel they may have material that is definitely connected to individuals from the Black Country and surrounding area;fake watches and to see if we can find more to support it.
Likewise if you have a commemorative project in the Stourbridge area, and you want to know if the old ‘County’ can help you, please get in touch via our ‘Contact Us’ page.
Unfortunately we are unable to process general Great War genealogical enquiries unless they have this local Black Country / Midlands interest, For this we recommend a subscription to a genealogical web site, or use of the various free web sites that contain Great War material.