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As a ‘Black Country Bloke’ married to a Brummie, and who has spent much of his working life in that great if somewhat contrary city, the Editor is more than aware of the differences, similarities, rivalries and occasional sheer incomprehension that both link and divide ‘Brum’ and the Black Country. We are, like Britain and America (though possibly more so) ‘divided by swiss replica watches a common language’, whilst we share enough flat vowels to divide us from the rest of the (so called) United Kingdom as verbal pariahs and perennial dimwits in a mythology replica watches the media (originated and still led by the BBC) cheerfully exploit in every drama and documentary that requires an instantly definable 'thicko' (though the excellent 'Peaky Blinders' - set during the aftermath of the Great War -is a wecome and notable exception).

This duality and difference is further complicated by an unsolvable and incessant argument as to where the Black Country actually is; the area being as much a replica watches uk state of mind as any geographical entity.

No; the relationship between Birmingham and the Black Country is complex and historic, and best left to its conjoined-twin self. Like the West Midland dialect it ebbs and flows (“ay-it” “in-it”) according to development and need.

Therefore, this web site is quite sanguine when it comes to including the occasional Birmingham subject in its content.